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The Cambridge Forum Presents

Creating Peace: A Proactive Approach

November 16, 2002, 1:30pm
First Parish
3 Church Street
Cambridge, MA 02138

Sponsored by 8000 NOW

Many foreign policy analysts and government leaders are currently arguing that President Bush’s pre-emptive approach toward Iraq will exacerbate tensions, creating a larger geo-political crisis involving the whole Middle East and inevitably, most of the world.

This forum offers an immediate, effective intervention for preventing war.

Part 1 - The Solution and It’s Implications

The Research: Effective Technology For Creating Peace
Dr. David Orme-Johnson is a leading expert on reducing war and terrorism, with 22 studies on this subject to his credit. He will discuss this body of research, showing a practical and effective way to decrease war and terrorism in the world.
The solution? A technology employing systematic, repeated practice of a specific type of group meditation, which has been shown to repeatedly and reliably reduce tensions and stress in world trouble spots.

Mr. Allen Reminick, a motivational speaker with expertise in discussing this peace technology, will present a mechanism by which this technology can be understood. He has been a professor of mathematics at Brooklyn College, St. Johns University, and Maharishi University of Management.

Part 2 - Evaluating and Implementing This Research

Dr. David Edwards has taught Government at the University of Texas since 1975 (He received his Ph.D. from Harvard in 1966). He has published numerous books on arms control and international political analysis. Dr. Edwards has been called in by academic journals and conferences as an independent reviewer of this research. He will discuss his view of the methodology and implications of the studies, and offer suggestions for future action.
Dr. Edwards stated that these techniques "deserve careful consideration and further trials on increasing scales." He writes, "The underlying theory holds the promise of virtually eliminating societal violence. "The effects would be virtually instantaneous and dramatic, and could therefore quickly transform not only the nature of international relations, but also the tenor of intrasocietal relations."

Dr. Carla Linton Brown completed a doctoral dissertation at Harvard in 1996 that examined responses to this study by elite members of the Middle East policy community, including peer reviewers, newspaper reporters, Congress people, and U.S. diplomats. She will discuss the means for implementing this research within the policy community.


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