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There Is an Alternative to War

YOU Can Help Create Peace and Eliminate Terrorism Permanently Now.

The U.S. government has undertaken the daunting and heroic task of eliminating terrorism from the world to protect its citizens and to create stability and peace among the family of nations.

But has the world ever experienced a lasting peace through aggressive stances and military action?

We are now preparing for a war with Iraq, a war that foreign policy analysts, government leaders, and heads of state are warning will be devastating for the U.S. by:

• Destabilizing an already fragile Middle East
• Creating a greater potential for nuclear warfare
• Escalating extremist group hostilities toward the U.S. and its allies
• Increasing the chances of new terrorist attacks
• Weakening our already shaky U.S. and global economies.

Yet is war ever a viable solution to resolve conflict or the threat of terrorism?

You Can Take Charge of Your Own and Your Country’s Destiny.

A proven technology exists to end all wars forever. This technology is powerful enough to create peace immediately and simple enough to implement on a global scale.

We can implement this technology NOW before another war or acts of terrorism claims more lives, further destablizes the Middle East, and weakens the U.S. and global economies.

Find out how YOU can support a real and lasting peace and a world in which conflicts dissolve before they fully manifest. In one week it is possible to transform the political climate incubating war into a climate that fosters peace and supports negotiations.

Create Peace Now
Proven Technologies to Establish World Peace

For the cost of waging one day of war in Iraq, world peace can be created through proven Consciousness-BasedSM peace technologies.


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